Specta Mam Phyto

PRODUCT NAME : Specta Mam Phyto

BRAND : Sedoxx

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Specta Mam Phyto Nipple Barrier Gel consists of Pistacia Terebinthus OIL (PTO), almond OIL, Wheat Germ OIL, Beeswax, OLIVE OIL.


PistaciaTerebinthusOIL(PTO) content in Specta Mam Phyto Nipple Barrier Gel includes vitamin groups E and B, important elements and minerals and Omega fatty acids. WITH the help of Omega fatty acids , Pistacia Terebinthus OIL (PTO) helps the treatment of nipple and other SKIN damages.Specta Mam Phyto Nipple Barrier Gelcontains wheat germ OIL and sweet almond OIL. Wheat germ OIL helps the regeneration of the SKIN cells, and also helps treat the SKIN tension.Sweetalmond OIL contains VitaminE ,and it has moisturizing and protective features. Specta Mam Phyto doesn’t contain perfume.

Instructions :

SpectaMam Phyto Nipple Barrier Gel is used for the prevention and RELIEF of nipple cracks in breastfeeding mothers. It is recommended for morning and evening uses following the 32nd week of thepregnancy.Itistakenasthesizeofasmallpeaandappliedaroundthenipple inathinlayer.Itis recommended to apply after each feeding. No need to remove before breastfeeding.

Warnings : 

This product is used externally. Store at room temperature and keep out of reach of children.Donot applyineyes.In case of contact WITH the eyes,wash immediately WITH plenty of water.Ifan allergic reaction to any substance it is observed, stop the application and contact your doctor.

Side effects : 

No known side effects are available as no side effects have been reported so far.

Commercial Form : 

20 gr cream in a plastic tube WITH a lid.