Infantum Multivitamin 200 Ml Syrup

PRODUCT NAME : Infantum Multivitamin 200 Ml Syrup

BRAND : Infantum

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Ingredients: Deionized water, fish OIL, identical to the natural orange flavor, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6, Vitamin D, Citric acid (acidity regulator), sodium benzoate (preservative), Glycerin (water retention), polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier), Sorbitol (thickening), sucrose (sweetener), Sodium Citrate (Buffer).

Commercial Form and Package Contents:

100 mL glass bottles in cardboard boxes.

Nutrients in 10 mL: 

Vitamin C 30 mg       Vitamin B1 1.5 mg     Nikotinamid 20 mg 

Vitamin A 3000 IU    Vitamin B2 1.8 mg      Fish OIL 0.2 mg

Vitamin D 400 IU      Vitamin B6 0.75 mg    Zinc 10 mg

Vitamin E 2.5 IU


WITH 8 basic vitamins, fish-OIL (omega-3 fatty acids) and zinc,Infantum MULTIVITAMIN Syrupis specifically designed for babies and children. Infantum MULTIVITAMIN Syrup serves as nutritional support which meets the daily vitamin requirements of babies and children. ½ scales(2.5mL)inter-dailyforbabiesaged 1 monthto 1 year, 1 scale (5mL) daily for babies aged 1 to 4 years ; 2 scales (10mL)daily for babies over4 years. Administration WITH water and milk is possible,ifrequired.Infant formula should be reduced to the half of the proposed dose,if given after meals.


Keep out of the reach of children,store below 25°Catroom temperature.Shake well before use. Once opened,close the lid after use and keep the productinthefridge.Thisproductisnotamedical preparation, buta foodsupplement. Recommended dailydose should not be exceeded.