Infantum Cold Inhaler Drops

PRODUCT NAME : Infantum Cold Inhaler Drops

BRAND : Infantum

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Ingredients: Infantum Cold Inhaler Drops contains eucalyptus and spruce OIL. The product contains no alcohol, no menthol and it isresin-free.


Respiratory diseases (flu, colds, bronchitis) usually leadto nasalobstruction.InfantumColdInhalerhelpspromote the healing.

The main source to respiratory tract infections and other infectious diseases might be the child care centers, schools and public transportation. Infantum Cold Inhaler Drops is helpful in the preventionofsuch diseases.


2drops3or4timesadayareappliedtothesurfaceofrespiratoryorgans(neckandshoulderarea). Theproductcanbeappliedtothecollarsofshirtsandcanalsobedrippedonthepillowbeforesleep. ApplicationsmayneedtoberepeatedWITHintervalsof3to4hours.Papertissues canbeusedfor applications intheopenAIRorinpublicareas(i.e.inthecar,athomeandinworkplaces).Infantum Cold Inhaler Drops do not leave any STAINs over garments.


Runny nose and congestion are likely to occur in case of flu and catching cold. Infantum Cold Inhaler Dropsshouldbeinitiatedimmediatelyinordertoreducetheseverityofthedisease.Dependingon thecourseofthedisease,InfantumColdInhalerDropsshouldbecontinuedforatleast3to7days even in minorcases.


The use of this product in bronchial asthma patients is not recommended. Likewise it should not be used in case of whooping cough. Infantum Cold Inhaler Drops cannot be used as massage OIL. This productisnotamedication.Itshouldnotbeusedasfragrance.Itcanbeusedbothbyadultsand children on the face, over the mouth and SKIN.

ShelfLife : 3 years

Marketing / Product Owner : Sedomed Medical Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Co.Ltd

ProductStatus Information : CE Certified Product